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Archive Picture Galleries
2016 Knish Class
Everybody enjoyed Hermine's Knish Class on October 18, and the results were delicious! Marsha was an excellent baker's assistant.
Knish Class- Oct 18, 2016
Hermine Sulzberg held her annual Knish Class with assistant baker Marsha Langfuss. Results were delicious and we all enjoyed one anothers company!
Hello Dolly
The Shalom Club goes for a cruise on the Dolly Steamboat!
No Name
Chanukah Party 2014
Progressive Dinner 2014
Pictures from the Progressive dinner.
Chihully 2014
The Shalom Club enjoys the Chihully exhibit and a wonderful dinner at Gertrude's.
Western Wagon Ride & Campfire
Thanks Allen for these Pictures and Martha and Joan for a Wonderful Evening!
Rock and Roll Dance
The Shalom Club Rocked!
Wine Tasting at Total Wines - L'Chaim
On June 7th the Shalom Club held a Wine Tasting at Total Wines. The event featured tastes of nine different wines, plus a delicious assortment of appetizers.
Wine is truly a fruit of the Gods. L'Chaim
Square Dance
Pictures from our BBQ and Square Dance held on 5/19 in the TF Ballroom.
Sports Day 2013
Pictures from the club's annual sports day event. Go Team Go!!
Sports Day 2013
Pictures from the clubs annual Sports Day Event featuring Tennis, Bocce, Pickleball and Schmoozing.
Go Team Go!!
Year of the Snake
The Shalom Club Celebrated the Chinese New Year
Atlantic City Boardwalk
Here are some more wonderful photos of this once-in-a-life time Shalom Club event.
Boardwark Atlantic City
What a Great visit back east to Atlantic City - Great Job Joan and committees
Chanukah Party 2012
These are the pictures from our club Chanukah party. The party was held Dec 8, 2012 in the Eagle Nest Ballroom.
Double Decker Bus
A great time was had by all who went on the unique red "London" Double Decker Bus Ride and Treasure Hunt.
Scottsdale Culinary Institute
Pictures from our gourmet dinner at the Scottsdale Cullinary Institute
Wi Bowling Tounament
Pictures from first Wii Bowling Tourn
Sports Day
Knish Class Photos
Knish Class Photos
Donations to Food Pantry
SC donations to food pantry
Road Rally
Pictures of firs Annual Road Rally
Veterans Day Parade 2011
The Shalom Club participated in the 2011 PebbleCreek Veterans Day Parade.
Musical Instruments Museum
A tour of the Musical Instruments Museum in Scottsdale.
Summer 2011
Shalom Club members having fun during Summer 2011
Square Dancing
A Great Time at Waddells Thanks Joan!!
January to April 2011
Photos from events from the first half of 2011.
2011 Spring Sports Day
A Great Day of Pickleball, Bocce, and Friends
Paul White's 100th Birthday Party
Paul White's grandson, Kenny, sends these photos that he took during the Shalom Club's celebration of Paul's 100 birthday.
Fall 2010
What a busy fall season for the Shalom Club! Here are some photos from the events we enjoyed over the past few months.
2010 Sock Hop
A Rockin Time!
"What I Did On My Summer Vacation"
Photos from club members on vacation this past summer.
"What I Did On My Summer Vacation"
Shalom Club members on vacation during summer 2010
Big Red
In Celebration of Hank...
Chanukah Party - 09
A Great Time by all at the 2009 Chanukah Party
Shalom Club Golf
Pictures from Shalom Club Golf Events
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